Pain Relief Procedures

Pain Relief Procedures

Pain Relief Procedures services offered in Humble and Baytown, TX

When arthritis, sports  or an activity related injury causes more pain than you can manage on your own, it’s time to consider the benefits of the pain relief procedures and solutions available at Interventional Sports and Pain Management Associates.  Our Board Certified Pain Specialist will customize a treatment plan using minimally invasive, nonsurgical pain relief treatments and procedures such as nerve blocks and joint injections to help you restore function,  live a more comfortable, higher quality of life. Call the office in Humble or Baytown, Texas, to find out which pain relief solution is right for you, or book an appointment online today.

Pain Relief Procedures Q&A

What pain relief procedures are available?

Interventional Sports and Pain Management Associates offers a wide range of pain relief procedures to address pain from injuries, degenerative diseases, and surgery.

Available pain relief procedures include:

  • Nerve blocks
  • spinal blockade
  • spine facet injections
  • sacroiliac joint injections
  • occipital nerve blockade
  • percutaneous disc decompression
  • trigger point muscle injection
  • provocative discography
  • nerve ablation
  • thermal rhizotomy for arthritis
  • Joint injections
  • Epidural steroid injections
  • Spinal cord stimulation

Our Board Certified Pain Specialist provides image-guided injections and treatments on site and in-office.  The team may also provide sedation upon request and when necessary during your procedure.  To ensure that your treatment is done with safety and precision our Physician uses fluoroscopy, a real-time X-ray technology, during your treatment.

When would I need pain relief procedures?

You might be a candidate for the pain relief procedures at Interventional Sports and Pain Management Associates if you have chronic pain that lasts longer than three months or pain that persists or worsens even when you rest or take over-the-counter medications.

Our Board Certified Pain Specialist, Dr. Okezie, will customize pain management therapies using minimally invasive treatments to treat and relieve pain from:

  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathy (nerve damage)
  • Herniated discs
  • bulging disc
  • pinched nerves
  • cervicogenic headache
  • degenerative disc
  • sciatica
  • joint pain
  • tendonitis
  • failed back and neck surgery
  • rotator cuff injury
  • Personal injury
  • Auto accident related injury
  • Sports injury
  • post shingles pain
  • facial pain

You may also benefit from pain relief procedures and therapies even if you continue to have pain after surgery.

Our pain management services aim to provide alternatives to pain pills when possible, effective long-lasting pain relief, restoration of function, and reduce the need for more invasive procedures such as surgery.  Our team prioritizes your functional goals and safety. 

Which pain relief procedures are right for me?

Because pain affects everyone differently, we pay close attention to you to identify your functional goals and find the right pain relief solution.  We listen to your story, physically examine, and use the latest advanced technologies available to identify your pain source.  We then propose a unique treatment plan to relieve your pain.

Based on your diagnosis and the nature of your condition, our certified providers may suggest lifestyle changes, minimally invasive pain therapies, injections, medications, or physical therapy to help you feel better.

If your pain is severe and limits what you can do, our providers may recommend and perform more advanced minimally invasive treatments, such as nerve ablations, rhizotomy, or spinal cord stimulation.

The pain team continues to safely monitor your progress and  treatment to ensure your pain is well managed and controlled. They may also recommend exercises you can do to stay fit and strong and lower your risk for additional injuries or progression of your condition.

Call the Interventional Sports and Pain Management Associates office near you for a consultation to learn more about the available pain relief therapies or book an appointment online today.